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Who is Jennifer Haskin?

For the past several years, I have helped authors achieve their publishing goals. First by working as an agent for two literary agencies, and now as a consultant, I help authors prepare to query potential agents. I am kind, but will be completely honest from an agent's viewpoint. Let my insight help you to succeed.

Check out  https://jenniferhaskin.com/referrals/  for more references.


"The help so far has been fantastic, and the patience has been even better. Its clear that you have a full understanding of how agents work and the things they’re looking for. You listened to everything I said and took the time to break down each individual thing we discussed. Friendliness is amazing, theres no doubt about that, communication can be a little long, but i cant be a hypocrite there, i do the same things myself when it comes to replying to people, ha! I personally feel as if you’ve done an amazing job with helping out. I’m very happy and I’ve been able to learn a ton myself about how to properly write a query. I have no doubt that i will be coming to you more int he future for other things i will need help on. I’m comfortable with that. And on the topic of comfort, originally i felt kind of awkward asking help with my query and first chapter, i had never done that before, but when we emailed each other the awkwardness on my end faded very quickly."  

~Michael Brightside (Author)



If you’d like to have personal help with your query, you can purchase a Query Revamp for $125. Email your current query letter to: consulting.haskin@gmail.com, or use the contact form. I accept payments through Paypal at: www.paypal.me/JenniferHaskin. I will correspond with you through email as many times as it takes for us to be happy with your query, and ready to send. If you require Skype interaction, I can do that, too.


"Jennifer,  I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for all the help you’ve given me.

Your knowledge of the industry is nothing short of fantastic!  For someone trying to break in, you’ve been extremely accessible, responsive and helpful.  Your engaging personality helps, too.  Everyone else in the business seems too busy to even return emails.  You take your time and explain it in a way that makes sense and is very helpful.  You always respond like a friend, which means a lot.

As I go forward with this little adventure, I just wanted you to know, you continue to provide excellent advice and a comforting smile that keeps me going."

Thanks again,   -Bill DeFoor (Author)


Submission Consultation

For $275 I will take a look at your entire submission for traditional publishing: Query letter, synopsis, and sample chapter. We will make them as strong as possible. I will check for plot holes and story arc, as well as engaging concept and exciting first chapter.

Submit as directed above.


"Jennifer has been such a blessing in my writing life. She has been so kind and patient in helping me with the smallest of details on my query letter, and even offered to help with my synopsis and beginning pages of my story. She is someone who roots for you on your writing journey and will go above and beyond to help you get there. I am so glad to have had the opportunity of receiving her feedback to learn and create a great query letter. Thank you again Jennifer, you are truly a wonderful soul."

-Hope McKee  (Author)